Monday, October 17, 2011

Tough Call

Again the use of the word "studio" but here you have it following "Chuck Norris Karate..." and also Chuck and Steve McQueen out front. I think I have to let this one slide

Friday, October 14, 2011

Reader Mail 10/14/2011

Today's mail:

Q: I pose an important question: how does one properly pronounce the word karate? Ka-rat-a or Ka-ra-tea? I don't want to commit a cultural faux pas & the shame that comes with it.



Well, Linda... your lack of knowledge is really apparent. But since there are no dumb questions, just dumb people I'll give you the answer that you seek. Just never step foot in my dojo.

A: Your wrong on both counts. Even if you are retarded with a mouthful of marbles neither of your pronunciations are acceptable.

There are two accepted pronunciations of Karate. One is "Kha-rah-tay" the other "Kha-rah-tee" one is formal, the other is the informal.

When speaking formally or actively of the way, you want to use the "Kha-rah-tay" pronunciation. Ex: "I study Karate (Kha-rah-tay)"

When speaking in informally, or in a non-action context - passively, then "Kha-rah-tee" is accepted. "I going to the store to grab a karate magazine ("Kha-rah-tee")"....

These usages are not to be taken lightly, use the wrong pronunciation in the wrong context and you are taking your life into your hands.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Karate FAIL!

It's called a DOJO...not a studio.

Studio's are what metro ballbags live in, or where artists try to sell things they've scribbled on.

Sounds to me like Dave Deaton is confused and is in need of a lesson...

Reader Mail 10/13/11

Dear two wheeled karate gods,

I'm a photographer in the fitness industry with a serious predicament.
While on a photo shoot I met a hard bodied model and we began to date.
Only problem is, I'm a frail, artsy, emo kid. And she basically manhandles
not only until the bedroom, which can be fun, but in front of family and
friends as well. So my question is do u think karate could help me put her
in her place, or should I try one if those strange Brazilian martial arts where
u hold people in somewhat gay wrestling positions to submit them...
thank you ahead of time forbur knowledge and wisdom.

Dan R.

- Dan,

You're a pathetic excuse of a man, and should look into castration as you are not worthy of having male genitals. How could you even bring up the thought of Brazilian male struggle snuggle arts up on this forum?